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“  If you have an idea, develops InterNexo for you.  ”

      We are a company in the services sector with the world and motor insurer, with cutting edge technology in web applications, is the best solution to the communication needs of each of the sectors involved in management damage assessment. .

      The platform has the function to exploit the synergies of the group, aligning it insurers, assistance companies, mechanical, renting, experts, workshops, scrapping, etc..

      Using web applications for the management and distribution experts, management experts and experts from firms and various cars throughout the Spanish territory.

      INTERNEXO, provides and develops a range of applications that operate over the Internet, based on the latest computer technology, supported by a multidisciplinary professional team, trained to deal with any projects related to the insurer and its environment.

Our applications:

- No need any specific installation.

- The maintenance we do from our offices with immediate solutions in real time.

- No investments in equipment..

- Its use does not require simple training.

- Allows personalization capabilities.

Tel.:      902023206
Fax.:     902023207
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